Glass fiber fireproof cable types have the ability to withstand very high temperatures. These cable types are used as connection elements of all resistance types such as hot runner resistance, clamp resistance, plate resistance, mica resistance, ceramic clamp resistance, Ptc cartridge resistance, Ptc evaporation resistance, nozzle resistance, as well as products such as cartridge resistance. In addition, the electrical installation of components that are operational at high temperatures, such as the heat control device, are also installed with these cables.

Glass Fiber provides excellent insulation even at high temperatures.

Glass fiber is a kind of insulation material used in heat control. We use fiberglass in many points of our lives. The most important feature of this type of insulation material is that it can insulate very high temperatures and does not burn. Glass fiber cable types that are resistant to hundreds of degrees of heat and even flame are actively used in this field.

Glass Fiber Fireproof Cable is the basic component of all electrical equipment with high temperature. This product, which is produced in different thicknesses depending on the resistance of the resistance and other equipment to which it will transmit electricity, is offered to consumers and manufacturers by our company with high safety standards. Glass fiber fireproof cable types, which are generally defined as an industrial product, are a vital material for technical services and manufacturers. And it is presented to you with the standards we have created with the awareness of this. It is suitable for you to use this high temperature resistant cable for work safety.

Our company produces glass fiber fireproof cable in two types and different sections as 4% nickel-plated on copper and/or nickel-plated. Silicone coating is applied on glass fiber.

Glass Fiber Fireproof Cable standards are created according to international regulations. The product, which is produced to the expected heat values ​​of the electrical equipment and the resistance level that will reveal this, is produced with different thicknesses and material types and supplied to the sector.

It is possible to access the desired length and quality product from our company stocks. Our company is in the leadership position in the sector with the products it produces according to TUV standards. We would like to help you raise your company’s standards with our new and improved products included in stock.

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