“Cable Bundling” Technology and Industry, which we can define simply as the safe and convenient transportation of electric current from one point to another, is a job that requires expertise and experience due to its wide variety of uses.

ERDAL KABLO, which has proven its quality by supplying products to the leading companies in its sector, serves its customers in cable groupings in various electrical small household appliances and white goods products, stoves, ovens and toasters, mainly in silicone cable groupings. Our products are tested in private laboratories with modern test equipment at every stage of production and in final controls, and our quality continuity is at a high level.

We manufacture all kinds of heat-resistant cable groupings with the desired technical specifications by working in a coordinated manner in line with the demands and needs of the customers.

All raw materials used in cable groups are CE, VDE certified.

Our company’s products; It has ISO 9001:20015 quality certificate and RoHS test certificates are available.

Cable groups are produced in robot automation machines with advanced technology in accordance with customer requests and technical drawing specifications by passing process controls.